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Weather stats for August

Posted by Bret B on September 6, 2014, 12:55 pm

August was another drier than normal month (Hurricane Norbert's rains didn't start until Sep 1st.) Not a single named storm gave us any rain except maybe about 1" from distant Marie around the 23rd. The rest of the rain came from thunderstorms, including some really exciting ones with vicious lightning.

But at least it was a little less hot than July.

Total for month: 5.02" / 128mm
Rainiest day: 1.74" / 44mm on 8/11
YTD total (thru 8/31): 18.40" / 467mm
(We need almost 20" more this year to reach the annual avg rainfall of 37.13" / 943mm. Norbert already helped a lot in September.)
Avg August rainfall (2004-2013): 9.0" / 231mm
Record highest August rainfall (2004-2013): 15.68" / 398mm (in 2012)
Record lowest August rainfall (2004-2013): 3.57" / 91mm (in 2009)

Highest: 97.2F / 36.2C on 8/28
Lowest: 76.6F / 24.8C on 8/18
Avg daily maximum during the month: 92.7F / 33.7C
Avg daily minimum during the month: 80.0F / 26.7C

Highest: 84% on 8/24
Lowest: 46% on 8/9
Avg daily maximum during the month: 79.2%
Avg daily minimum during the month: 58.3%

Heat index: (approximate)
Highest: 112F / 45C on 8/28
Avg daily maximum: (under construction)

2nd highest max temp (after the 98.0F / 36.7C on August 9, 2012)
3rd driest August (after 2004 (4.72") and 2009 (3.57"))

(Keep in mind that the temperature readings took a step up in Sep 2011 when the measuring location moved from Deanna & Darwin's apartments up in the breezes above the church, down to my un-breezy and warmer backyard in the flats near the Jardin. Could be a 2-4 degree F difference on calm hot days(??))

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