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"Big day"

Posted by Daniel H on September 6, 2014, 9:53 pm

Started cleaning up the beach this morning, built a fire which burned all day.
This evening when the high tide hit the fire pit ( now only hot coals) it sent
plumes of ash and steam carried by the wind straight into the faces of
those sitting at Loka's palapa. It sent them running, so fun!

Another high tide this evening caught those sitting at the beach bar off guard,
we got soaked! The past couple weeks I don't take my laundry in to get it
cleaned, more just to get it dried out.

Tim's patio is about full, there are a couple big ones we couldn't lift over
the railing (see photo). Not to worry T, there is a low tide tomorrow and Jr.
said he can get the back hoe on the beach, so got it covered. Those babies
are going to burn for a F ing week! Firewood gold!

OK, well I guess that's it from the land of big time fun, I hope you all had
as exciting a day as we did here!


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