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Re: Web cam update

Posted by Daniel H on September 17, 2014, 10:35 pm, in reply to "Re: Web cam update"
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No, it wasn't Black Dog, it was Jason's dog Tonya.

Glad to hear you enjoyed the evening. I went out to the beach (no beach bar ) and put the cam on a chair and shared what was happening. It started to rain a bit so I left the cam on the chair and went under Loka's Palapa with the other folk.

We drank beer, listened to music, watched the kids surf and Mike and Ray catch fish.

Earlier today some of the surfer kids came by and asked me where the videos were?
They were hoping to see some videos of them surfing last evening. I told them that
the cam was only live and not recorded. They seemed ok with that. I thought about
it after they left and later in the evening when the cam was sharing "my" world.
It only seems to give it more value, its going out to whomever cares to watch and
then it only a memory. I like that.

A group of locals and wanabe locals (usns) sat and enjoyed the evening.
The peace cam is sharing part of the abundance that motivated me to set
it up but it feels like if I were going to really realate the experience I
would have to have it strapped to my forehead. Life is so good, you who
live here yearly know, soo sweet!

Later the guy who has played music on the beach for years came by and
played us some live music.

I am sure most of you remember him and the fact that he had a seriously infected
leg. Well, he lost that leg and is on crutches now, but is still the wonderful
soul that he has always been.

Here are a few photos I found on my phone while getting the ones above

My b i t c h

Strange sunset

One evening I sat there and watched this fly drink a couple drops of beer
that were in the bottle cap, he didn't fly away for quite sometime.

Some of the cables that lead to the web cam. I have 100 feet.

My pitiful method of holding the ocean back. It is only with the aid
of that Saints that it works.

The home of the cam after a big wave came in.

The Universe making art for me.


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