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update on the ducks

Posted by Baseball Patti on October 1, 2014, 11:31 am, in reply to "Re: known locally as Pichichi"

Well it is now Day 5 of "Duck Tales" and there is good news and sad news.

Unfortunately the two littlest ducklings have not survived. For those of you folks that have raised chicks, or domestic ducks, you understand. Some times the others in the brood will accidently smother them, or "worry" them to death.

But, the remaining 6 are doing as well as can be expected in such a small area. They eat like little pigs. I have been giving them a mixture of mashed corn tortillas, lettuce, a bit of broccoli, and cooked oatmeal. The most challenging part of all is trying to keep them clean, dry and warm.

Remember folks--what goes in, must come out, lol, and it ain't pretty!! Also they always end up
tipping their water dish. I have put a towel in the bottom of tub, so that they do have a dry corner to sleep in under the lamp. But this needs to be changed daily, and I had no water in my house for 2 days--that was fun!

Anyway, the is a really good ending coming up to this story. A young man here in La Manz, who has studied conservation in both here in Mexico and in Canada & the US is setting up a place for these little guys to have a permenant home.

So stay tuned, and will update on their progress.

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