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Posted by Liat on October 22, 2014, 6:15 am
Edited by board administrator October 23, 2014, 11:30 am

A talk with Maestra Adela.

Maestra Adela has been a teacher at the La Manzanilla primary school for many years. This year she was about to retire. The mothers, who were also once her students, convinced her to stay and become the school Director. Adela was always the most active, passionate, loving, big Mama of the school. This year she promised to actively involve the parents and work together to improve the school studying level and infrastructure.

The parent's committee has decided that our first priority is to repair the toilets. To accomplish this the parents have started gathering funds, each family will give some money and donate food for events which will bring some profit towards these goals.

Unfortunately, the condition of the toilets is very bad. It's been patched over again and again, but now it needs full renovation. It's a big project and Maestra Adela came and asked for help.

Anything that the generous community of La Manzanilla can donate will be welcome! A toilet seat, a sink, tiles, paints,or some money.

All donations will be documented and controlled by the director Adela and the parents committee president Lilana ( who is also the ejido's secretary). Donations may be given personally to them, or if it's more convenient to use PayPal (and since it is a bank transfer that does not charge for the transfer), then please click on the envelope icon next to my name to get a private e.mail with the information.

Our goal is to complete this during the Christmas vacation so the workmen can complete this without interruption, and the kids get a great Christmas present.

Here are the pictures showing the current conditions, (broken sinks and tubes, most toilets do not windows for ventilation), and also a picture of our big mama Adela.


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