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Legalization/Vehicle Meeting

Posted by cruz on November 2, 2014, 10:16 am

Hola. Four of us, including the Delegado, shared our needs and experiences with legalizing vehicles. Our main attraction, Aldo Gomez, from Onappafa did not show.

I'm still waiting for one more piece of the puzzle, a 'formal' receipt, before I can get my plates. This is on its way by 'estafeta'. So someday soon I should be operational.

I will have to go to the anti-smog shop in La Huerta. I had the wrong impression that older than 2004 vehicles could skip this. What I won't have to do, supposedly, is the vehicle check in Autlan.

So far I am into week 5 of the odyssey, much longer than I was prepared for. But once one knows the route, it should be much, much shorter.

We hope to schedule another meeting with Aldo, perhaps in January, so that people looking for a way to escape the 'to the border' trip with their vehicle, can start the process. And I will be posting news about the legalization of Japanese and other foreign cars by us mortals here in limbo.

So far, we have about 5 people needing this service. Cruz

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