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Re: Kiss-of Death? Meet the Kissing Bug!

Posted by Kim on November 9, 2014, 6:30 am, in reply to "Kiss-of Death? Meet the Kissing Bug!"

Very interesting Paul, forgot about you being a bug man. We did come across this bug when we stayed in Zipolite, Mx. Found it in our bed and ask the locals what it was and they said it is commonly found on burros and it was a blood sucking bug.

It is estimated that 7 to 8 million people, mostly in Mexico, Central America and South America have Chagas disease.[1] It results in about 12,500 deaths a year as of 2006.[2] Most people with the disease are poor[2] and most people with the disease do not realize they are infected.[7] Large-scale population movements have increased the areas where cases of Chagas disease are found and these now include many European countries and the United States.[1] These areas have also seen an increase in the years up to 2014.[8] The disease was first described in 1909 by Carlos Chagas after whom it is named.[1] It affects more than 150 other animals

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