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Re: Sites to check for rentals

Posted by Daniel H on November 12, 2014, 12:09 pm, in reply to "Sites to check for rentals"

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For various reasons people are not keeping their calendars up to date, including forgetfullness laziness, don't care about others. They even trick people by not
updating the calendar (especially for popular dates) because people email
or call them looking for that rental and the rentaler then steer's them to a
rental that is available and make money (there is always a way to game a system)

It is very frustrating for those looking for a rental and very frustrating
for me as I have tried to encourage the rentals to keep their calendars updated
for many years so those seeking rentals find what they are looking for faster.

Rentalers playing games with those seeking rentals is one of the reasons there
is no guideline against those seeking rentals using the message board to find what
they are looking for. I just got an email from someone yesterday who posted looking
for a rental saying "Thank you! I received lots of responses."

The worst part about people looking for rentals on the message board is
once again some of those with rentals. Even though I (as Moderator)
have told them numerous times not to respond on the board but to email
the person seeking the rental directly, they still respond on the board
over and over and over which makes a lot of work for me. Truth be told they
don't give a damn if the message board becomes too commercial or if I have
corrected them numerous times they just want what they want and screw
everyone else. They just pretend like they didn't understand or forgot
or some other lame excuse, its really kind of sickening.

If you have a property manager who is in charge of your rental please check
on them to see if they are playing games with people.

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Some of those with rentals are jerks so renters get desperate for help.

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