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Re: Why is Activos gym the beneficiary of the tree party?

Posted by becci starr on November 24, 2014, 11:51 am, in reply to "Re: Why is Activos gym the beneficiary of the tree party?"

No need to explain Alex…I get that it isn't your event and understand you are generously hosting the party but not my cause…there is a big difference between a non profit and a for profit organization…if it can't generate the funds necessary to operate then the problem is a business issue not a fundraiser bailout…what happens when the funds run out which seems inevitable??? It would be more intelligent to bring together interested individuals as an advisory board to help the gym get on track with better long range planning…more programming and classes..or new ways of generating income…that are permanent solutions not a quick and easy fix that doesn't solve the problem …and when monies raised by the auction dry up after being spent for what??? and then what??? It's not enough to say they need help…you owe it to donors to address this with a line item budget and transparency on the current profit and loss statements. How do I know without numbers what we are talking about here…?? Well I don't and moreover I'm more interested in a benefit that serves the children of LaManzanilla specifically…not a "sponsorship" that is vague or like last year the clinic and ambulance benefiting a larger segment of our community with a cause that is forward moving and long lasting…yes it is necessary for people to get good healthy nutritional information and off their butts for the purpose of excercising but it takes motivation and encouragement and a gym is not going to make it happen …this is a luxury that is not essential to the process…unless you are convinced it can't happen without it which as you can see I am not…..

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