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St.Patrick's Day Celebrations at Lora Loka's on the day itself, Mon Mar 17th

Posted by Patrick Slater on March 16, 2014, 10:56 am

95 per cent of seats sold

Latest word from Gerry at Lora Loka's and from the hard-working organizing committee is that there are only a couple of seats remaining to be sold - and that was as of yesterday/Sat evening, so it may very well be sold out as of this morning.

The decorating committee will be busy creating a true St. Patrick's Day atmosphere at Lora Loka's over the next 24 hours. Meanwhile, the programming committee is putting the finishing touches to a rich, varied and engaging mix of music, song, storytelling, poetry, and perhaps a surprise of two.

Between the first 'formal' part of the program and the second, more informal Irish pub-style singsong/singalong, the 10 performers lined up promise a unique cultural experience and a rare auld time for all who enter into the spirit of the evening. Irish pubs are world renowned for their engaging, spontaneous, fun atmosphere (we call it 'craic', a Gaelic word for rollicking good fun and nothing to do with that illegal powder), so be prepared to sing along or better yet bring your own party piece for the second half of the evening.

Please remember to wear a bit of green (or a lot) and we'll see you Monday (tomorrow Mar 17th at six at Lora Loka's. Expect Irish spirits to be high with Ireland rugby team having just this weekend won the 2014 Six Nations Rugby Championship.

Paddy Slater