La Manzanilla Animals

~ Milonga - Page 1 ~


Here is a photo of Rodger and Milonga on the beach. Milonga is very cool, she comes when you call her and will give you nothing but Love!

Back when Milonga was first found by Beautrix and Michael (see this page ) she was temporarily taken in by local residents Kate and Rodger of Alegre Mar. They have had her some time now and it is time for someone to either take her permanently or to take a turn taking care of her until a permanent home can be found. Even if you are only here for a little while on vacation you could take her as a companion. Who knows, you may fall in love and end up taking her home, its no problem to take her across the border weather you are flying or driving.

If you can help out please contact either Kate or Rodger at

E-mail -      Phone ~  [52] (315) 3515014