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05-03-25 Young female dog desperate for adoption

This dog was found in a garbage can last week and brought to the clinic. "Milonga" (the name we gave her) was absolutely starved, week, and feverish. She also has some fractures in one side of her pelvis. Whether she was in a car accident or beaten (one person seems to have witnessed the latter) we cannot tell. The vets decided she could not be operated/spayed yet and needed a temporary home for her to recover. We took her home with us. She has been de-fleaed and wormed and has gained some weight.

Milonga is one of the most spirited and resilient dogs we have seen. She is pretty (see pictures), lively, playful, extremely loving and receptive to love, and despite her past trauma and injuries she enjoys life fully. Though she is entirely housetrained and loves being outside, she cannot go for walks of any distance. This might actually be of benefit for any future owner who is not keen on walking the dog. Anyone appreciating loyalty and love from a trusting companion will find exactly this in Milonga.

We regret very much not being able to keep this sweet dog as we are travelling tango teachers without a stable home base. By April 2nd we have to find someone who likes to care for her. Otherwise it would be more humane to put her to sleep. We hope this does not have to happen.

Thank you,
Beatrix and Michael


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