In an effort to improve the quality of the messages on this board the following guidelines should be followed.


The message board is for information about La Manzanilla or Mexico and temporarily Coronavirus.
Sometimes a post about Canada or the US is ok if it is relevant and from someone we know. The message board is not Facebook


For a message, or a response to a message, to stay on the board (i.e. not be removed by the moderator) it must be from a person who is willing to stand behind the comments of that post by identifying themselves with their First name and initial of their last name. Any post not following that guideline will be removed without explanation.

If you are not known by the citizens of La Manzanilla (whom this message board was originally set up for) or you post is of a controversial nature then additional information may be required.

This message board is for the people who live in La Manzanilla, if you live in Melaque or Barra or elsewhere please use your local message board.

There are certain situations where a post from another area (or non resident) may be allowed, for example some important news, but you must identify yourself and or be know to the people of La Manzanilla. If its just your opinion it may be removed without notice.

It is ok to post if you are a visitor looking for information, if you are looking for a rental please follow the guidelines below.


If you are a commercial establishment please limit the promotion of menu items, events, specials to one post per week as a way to keep the board from becoming too commercial.


Due to the sheer number of rentals in La Manzanilla posting of available rentals will result in that post being removed from the message board. Please use one of the available vacation rental websites. For a mere $250 pesos a year you can be listed on the vacation rentals web page.

When someone post a request for a rental please respond by emailing the person looking for the rental, not by posting your email or website address.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Daniel Hallas (also known as D, Mod D)

last updated December 4, 2020
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