From time to time I need to block certain Internet addresses from posting spam on the message board. If you find that you are blocked please contact me and I will unbock your IP address.


We have had this message board for over ten years now and most have gotten used to the format it uses. I think most would agree that it is unique and invaluable for it's ability to communicate a particular topic to many persons at once.

But it also has another side in that it can also be used to spread misinformation. The options to reducing that negative (like password protection) have been tried and abandoned in favor of a more open and user friendly format. With the open format we all need to be aware that information posted here may either not be accurate or not from who it say's it is.

Please be aware that as moderator I may not have had time to verify the validity of the poster. Even then take the information to be unsubstantiated until others have responded.

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