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Jane playing acordian

We heard today that Jane Colton passed away last night, either during or after open heart surgery. Don't have any other details, but thought there were probably a lot of her friends out there who would like to know.

One of my last memories of Jane was at Martin's Restaurant when the Blond Gypsies were here last month - she was dancing with Martin and enjoying every minute of it - as she did everything in life. La Manzanilla won't be the same without her.

Dianna and Darwin Hamersly


How very, very sad. She was such a sweet lady...always upbeat and positive about everything life presented her with. Each time she saw Oscar she asked him when the next poker game was going to be. She will be greatly missed.

Larry and Nancy Chamberlin


We are stunned by the sad news. Jane had the spirit of adventure and fun we all admired. We will miss her playing the accordion and lots more. Our sympathy goes to her daughter and grandchildren.

Julie and Rusty


Thank you for posting the news Dianna.

I spoke to Richard yesterday afternoon and he told me the sad news.He said Jane was not feeling well and went to the doctor, the doctor sent her directly to the hospital in San Francisco where they did open heart surgery. The surgery was more complicated than they could handle at that hospital so they arranged for her to be transferred to another hospital the next day. She died during the night.

When Richard told me the news I thought of all the stories Jane had told of her interesting and adventureous life. She was a free and happy spirit who was not afraid to live life out loud and will be sincerely missed.

This is the only photo I have of Jane, I would like to put a better one on the Internet. If you have a good photo please send it to me at lamanzanillainfo@yahoo.com

Daniel Hallas


Yes, indeed- all of the preceding comments and anecdotes about Jane are true – her zest for life, her openness, generosity, warmth, free spirit and talents. Just as true is the universal conclusion that she will be much missed and long remembered by those of us fortunate enough to have known her even for much too short a time.

That the news of Jane’s passing is so sad is the measure of the happiness, joy and just plain fun that her presence always inspired.

Sincere condolences especially to her daughter, grandchildren and all the family.

Cynthia & Bernie Lewis


Jane was a special friend to me and played a big part in my healing. I will miss her so. I would like to write her daughter, does anyone know her address or email?

Carolina Howard


Jane was one of the lucky one's in life. She got to fulfill life and live her dreams. More then once I had to opportunity to fly down with her when I got on the plane in Los Angeles as she was coming from San Francisco. Her stories about the things she's done and the places she's been and the people she's meet, one could write a book and be a best seller.

She will be missed but we will always remember her even as time passes because she left something for each of us. You might ask , what? "Live life to the fullest as you never know when it's time to move on and start a new adventure".

Maybe now that Jane's up there with the Boss she can ask him for some rain. Not all at once though.

Happy Trails Young Lady

Mike Rafter


Viiva la Viva!!! Jane was so inspirational to me. Her spirit will be with my mother who just passed away........i hope they like each other......i loved them both!

Ricky Fizgerald



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