Water Report for La Manzanilla

Things seem to be going fairly quickly, you can see the progress in the past few months. When I was up there taking photos on May 16th I talked to the workers there and they said that it would be done within a couple of months.

As you will see on the next page they have been digging ditches and laying pipe all over the part of La Manzanilla from the highway to the corner where the Billards is. I don't know what is happening on the other side of town, perhaps they are going to use the new pump to keep the old water tank filled which has served that area for several years now.

I thought the new pump they put in over in Los Cengenios was for Tamarindo but now I am not so sure, perhaps it is for this new water project. I know it will certainly be welcome when it does happen. Over in the area by the Plaza de Toros we have always been responsible for our own water, having to dig wells and pump it up the hill from there. I personally have never had running water in the 9 years I have owned property here.

If anyone has any valid information on the logistics of things please feel free to speak up.

03-02-24 water tank

Here is a photo of how the water tank area looked on February 24 2003.

03-05-16 water tank area

Here is a photo of how the water tank area looked on May 16 2003

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