La Manzanilla


Dr. Giancarlo - 351 7265 cell - 315 107 1249
#165 Lazaro Cardenas

Dr. Ruiz - 315 105 2535

Massage etc.

Massage - Consuelo: 351-5169

Massage - Linda Mandala: 351-7369 – cell 044-315-107-4908

Accupressure - Kay Meierbachtol & Tolling Jennings: 351-5691 - - Cell number: 044-315-107-4841

Accupressure - Brenda Dempsey: 044-315-110-4065 - shiatsu, massage therapy, cranio, sacral, Medical Qi Kung energy work and body/mind therapy


Dra. Claudia Leticia Perez Velasquez: 351-7066; cell 044-315-107-4204
Calle Estanislao Gonzalez 49;homeopathy, alternative therapies, general practitioner, bach flower remedies, acupuncture, massage, reki and pharmacy;

Other Health Services by Area



Dr. Eduardo Pimiento Woo - 355-5426
in front of the Centro de Salud on Cordiano Guzman #17


Dr. Ernesto Carbajal-Real - 355-5477; cell 044-315-109-3715
general practitioner, around the corner from the telegraph office.
Speaks English

Centro de Salud - Cordiano Guzman
Lab work is next to the Centro de Salud. You do not need a referral.


Patricia Lomalei - 355-8704, 355-7611
15B Main Street before the bank

Barra de Navidad


Dra. Laura - home phone 355-5859
Avenida Veracruz #175-B (the principle street) past bus station, City Hall and the ATM, on the right
Office phone is 355-6179 but it is best to call her at home as she does not pick up or answer inquiries on her office telephone.


Dra. Maria Herlinda Rubio - 355-5412
Avenida Veracruz #232 across from the bus station.
G.P. and Cardiologist, she speaks excellent English and is very thorough in her examination and diagnosis. Her office is beside her pharmacy so you will get the correct prescription if one is required.

Dr. Pedro David Crespo Contgreras - 355-8082
Avenida Veracruz #45
cell number 044-315-102-0007



Dra. Sandra Eva Molena Huerta - 355-2853
Aquiles Serdan #42, next block past Electra, just before the bank.


Cruz Roja (Red Cross) - 355-2300, 355-2023
They are a small clinic which gives basic services and diabetes support.
They have an ambulance.


Dra. Sofia - 355-3940
personal note: she is the daughter of Beto and Olga



Dr. Roland Moyers - 044-357-3777 or 044-357-3355
is competent, well trained, personable and speaks English
just above Juanitas as you enter Santiago


Dra. Azucena Covarrubias (aka Dr. Susana) - 01-314-333-1212
located on the service road on the opposite side and 2 blocks south of Juanitas


Dr. Gustavo Garcia Gonzalez - 01-314-333-1212
husband of dentist Da. Susana


Clinics and Hospitals

Hospital Manzanillo - 314-336-7272
Boulivard Miguel de la Madris #444
past Comercial and Soriana, but not as far as the sailboat sculpture.

Clinica Echuari - 314-334-2696
Boulivard Costera #1215
immediately before Soriana, opposite side of the street
this is a small, private hospital with 12 private rooms. They do x-rays and surgery
some staff speak minimal English

Medica Pacifica - 314-334-0385
Palma Real #10
2 stoplights after arriving in Santiago on the left.

Naval Hospital
Dr. Ocadiz - 045-314-117-9607

IMSS Hospital - 01-314-336-7272
located directly behind Walmart

El Grullo

Centro Naturista Daniel Arreloa - 321-387-2049
Lerdo de Tejada #99Puerto Vallarta

Instituto Superior de Medicinas Integrativas, Consulta de Salud Integral - 322-224-9278
Ignacio Colonia Independencia Allende #302

Lupita Esquivel Perales - 322-224-9278
Naturopath, Accupuncture and Reiki

Dr. Adan Noel Michel Brixon - 322-224-4761, 224-9761 cell 044-322-109-2313
Advance Medical Centre, Aldanaca #170, Colonia Versalles
Dental Surgeon

Hospital Versalles
Dr. Ramon Ortega - 322-224-9292 (office) 322-225-1074 (home)
Internist, bi-lingual


The clinic at the resort is small.
The ambulance from there to Manzanillo costs $10,000 pesos

Other Services

H.E.L.P. (Ayuda) - 044-314-0743; fax 314-334-0977
This is The Manzanillo Foreign Community Associatgion A.C.
If you can't find the help you need, legal or otherwise, call Bonnie Sumlin
Email ~ BonnieHelpsInMexico@prodic

Health Insurance

IMSS - you need an FM2 or FM3 and 2 photos to apply
222 Allende in Manzanillo. Cost is $1,420 pesos per year.
Benefits include use of IMSS hospitals and clinics.
does not include doctor visits.

Access America - $37 US for 6 months
includes major medical and evacuation.
does not cover pre-existing conditions.

Storage Units - 351-5584
Here in La Manzanilla, Susan Davenport has a variety of storage areas for rent, from just a Tupperware tub to a household of supplies.

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