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Tenacatita article

Posted by D on July 7, 2008, 11:06 am, in reply to "Re: SANTANA REAL ESTATE NIGHTMARE part II"
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If I may say what I know about this situation (which is not that much).

I am pretty sure that part of this article is speaking about beach front property (federal zone not Ejido) in Tenacatita. I believe the federal zone there is 40 meters from high tide, not 20 like it is here.

Real estate Rodenas has a concession on the Fedreal Zone for all of Tenacatita (I think including the open ocean part south of Shangri La / El Tecuan) which does not come up for renewal until 2012.

Real estate Rodenas has been batteling with the restaurants there since I came here in 93, having the army throw them off the beach and even burning the restaurants as a way to interrupt any kind of squatters rights they may obtain.

It's an ongoing battle and last year resulted in several of the restaurant owners being thrown in jail. As far as I know the only restaurant which has a concession which may trump the Real estate Rodenas concession is Fiesta Mexicanna.

On the open ocean side of Tenacatita there is a huge span of beach between the titled beach lots they are selling and the water. IF the Real estate Rodenas concession includes that beach they could easily construct something in between the titled beach lots and the ocean.

Thats about all I remember at the moment. I have never sold anything in Tenacatita, it does seem to have it's own way's.



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