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Posted by Daniel on December 11, 2009, 4:52 am, in reply to "Re: SANTANA REALESTATE FRAUDS ???"

I wasn't going to respond to Cheryl's post but since its back on top by Mokita's post I think I will.

"I am quite dismayed that as soon as we open our doors there is unwarranted GOSSIP about our new business".

You have capitalized gossip as if it is always a bad thing, it can also make a business successful and doesn't have to result in a loss of your enthusiasm.
Is the gossip really so unwarranted? You are doing the same business, in the same location, with some of the same people that, like all locations, businesses and people has a past.

"We will bring the standards and professionalism that we have always practiced in our businesses in the Northwest. I would have thought that such business practices would be welcomed in this town".

Standards and professionalism are pretty open terms....what are they being compared to? You can't really expect the people of La Manzanilla to take the word of anyone in real estate (not known for being the most upstanding of occupations) at face value. If your standards and professionalism are of high caliber than that will show itself in time.

"Certainly she does not deserve such a mean spirited posting. The information simply is not true!"

Santana Realty has chosen not to publicly respond to Siegfried. There are different ways people, businesses and foundations choose to handle accusations, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages of the no response method is that people tend to assume guilt, even if there isn't any. That assumption is not normally alleviated by friends and associates saying "its not true".

"If you want to draw good people to your community then I suggest you practice being good neighbors".

I personally don't agree with the strategy of seeking acceptance in a community by attempting to make the community feel guilty. It's going to take some time to establish your reputation here, as it does with any new business.

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