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Posted by Daniel on May 8, 2010, 2:24 pm, in reply to "great link"
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I love Ramachandran, the way he thinks and talks.

I like this part where he says "Where as the left hemisphere tries
to preserve the model, preserve the belief system, preserve the status quo,
the right hemisphere is your devil's advocate, constantly challenging the status quo.
And when the discrepancy or anomaly becomes unbearably large, then the right
hemisphere forces a complete revision in your world view, in your belief system".

In this video he talks about learned paralysis, he uses a mirror box to hack
the brain which eliminates the paralysis. Pure genius!

There are many things which are learned, helplessness, behavior etc.
As neurologist learn more about how the brain learns, how it forms those
channels which make certain thoughts become entrenched it is also
learning how to hack the brain to eliminate or lessen what
has been learned. There is also learned optimism.

Perhaps the first step would be to get to a point where we are able to take
responsibility for our thoughts (actions, choices). The second step
would be to understand that some thoughts (actions, choices) are not
serving us, and that we want them to be replaced. The third step
would be to let or make that happen.

I think it is important that once we come to the place of understanding that
we are actively choosing negative thoughts (usually a long road) that
we not feel guilty about that. To realize that somehow that the thought
or belief is serving us, e.g. giving us someone to blame,
making us special, or keeping boredom away. Now change is more
likely to be initiated, not because society say's we should, or
that well burn in hell if we don't, but because we realize
the thought is not serving us and we want another way.

And equally important (edit: and this is the hack) is to be OK
with it if we don't want to (or seem to be incapable of) change at all.
At least we know its because we want the drama. There should be
some peace in knowing that, (Edit: like an unexpected door opens up in our mind)
which should lead to the whole thing being more fun.

If we can apply the line of thought above (or another one) then perhaps
when drugs are legalized we can use it as a tool to help people see their options
from a practical standpoint, instead of a "don't just because I say not to" one.


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