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Posted by francisco on May 8, 2010, 4:24 pm, in reply to "Re: Legalize"

Of course nearly everyone will attack me and this response, but I have been reading the numerous, totally ignorant,and ill informed replies to the big "drug war" hubbub...generation after generation hoots and hollers about people drinking, smoking,listening to "devil" music,wearing skimpy clothes(or no clothes at all), what age a female can have a kid, etc etc etc...all to no all are as vain as your granparents were, and THAT is why the border is what it is!!! For an example of what would happen to a country if they were to legalize drugs, one needs look only at Amsterdam...a country which has legalized the use of cocaine, hash and marijuana, supplies pharmacutical herion and clean needles to its junkies,keeps all of its working (and legal) prostitutes inspected twice a week for aids and other diseases,allows for people to stroll its beaches naked or topless,and most astoundingly, is not even a christian country..perhaps that is why.. The result of this action (now over 30 years old), has NOT created a debased, drug addicted generation of children,has nearly exterminated all drug related violence and street crimes, and has brought the cases of aids and other sexual diseases to one of the lowest per capita in the world!! A study was done 10 years ago to report on the effects this "debauchery" was having upon the youth, the study found that FEWER kids were apt to use drugs,drink, and even smoke cigarettes than before the legalization experiment started!! The answer, they found, was EDUCATION, not PROHIBITION...they openly taught their school children about how every drug, alcohol,tabacco,underage/unprotected sex,and promiscuous homosexuality,could have a negative effect on their lives and their bodies..then allowed the children the freedom to choose..apparrently, their children chose correctly, to insinuate that american or canadian kids are stupider, or unable to make the same intelligent decision is unjustified, and reflects NOT upon the drugs,country, or laws, but soley upon the PARENTS irresponsible raising of their kids. Legalize drugs, and the boogeymen with their guns will disapear..but legalization will never happen here for ONE reason, and ONE reason alone....the governments and the narcos make too much money on it in the selling, and the other in the prosecuting and imprisoning of its you can all crucify me..

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