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Re: Cost of Iraq/Afghanistan war passes $ 1 trillion

Posted by Carol on June 10, 2010, 10:31 am, in reply to "Cost of Iraq/Afghanistan war passes $ 1 trillion"

It is unclear to me why the previous posts on this subject were deleted. Eisenhower said it all when he said that the military industrial complex has a different motive than democracy. As we see with BP, the issue is profits -- and we are all too familiar with what happens in the US when government officials have a motive to subvert fair process, to wit: Cheney protecting his pension with profits to Halliburton (the sole source contracts he granted would have gotten any other federal employee convicted of a federal crime).

Since WWII, the motive for our wars has been extremely strained. Thanks to D for posting the interaction with McNamara. It is the bizarre perspective of Americans that they are the best and know best that has led to millions of deaths and an American way of life that is much less safe today than it has ever been. That the definition of what is best for America has been perverted by lobbyists for corporate interests and by corporations funding campaigns has led to a predictable outcome.

Obama's election was somewhat of an aberration, a wonderful one, but what he has confronted is more of the same. As we watch the Euro meltdown because no immediate, large enough stimulus action has been taken, the Rs who post on this site should take note. Obama's stimulus has, at least temporarily, stopped much of the hemmoraging and allowed a recovery of sorts. As the Rs have blocked everything from extended liability for BP, to meaningful healthcare, to restoration of taxes for the wealthy, we, as Ds, have to rethink much.

Dean broadened the party by supporting very conservative Ds in many states, Ds that could be elected, leading to Ds having a majority, but if we can't accomplish what we want, what is the point.

As for social conservatives, if the Catholic church wants to play a role in US politics, they should be taxed. They no longer meet the legal definition of church (non-political) organizations.

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