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Posted by anne on June 20, 2010, 11:33 pm

On Fri, June 18, I was swimming from Valentina's Palapa Restaurant to the Rocks that lay at the edge of our 'inner' bay. Juan and Rosa routinely keep my keys for me when I begin at their restaurant. As I neared the edge of the 'inner' and 'outer' bay, I noticed strong waves about 2 feet high, not out of the ordinary. I decided to turn around about 3/4 of the way there, as I'd gotten a tad of sand in my eye. On the return, I encountered a different situation than I ever have before on this route. The waves were actually hitting me from the south, broadsiding me. And just under the surface was a strong force toward the open bay which made my swimming efforts negligible. I watched the hill to the south to gauge my progress. It was slow advance, not my usual glide through the water.

I realized a different set of circumstances was occurring and adapted my swimming. First one strategy, then another. At no time was I worried or concerned, just amazed I'd never seen such current action in this part of the bay. I swam with determination, then floated, alternately. Slowly I was advancing. Then, I decided to abandon all efforts of reaching a certain goal and just go with the ocean, feel it. Instinctively I turned north. This was the key, not to fight against the current, but swim to the side of it. I kept up my strong strokes and eventually exited the bay north of Valentina's and walked the beach back. I immediately ordered a "shower, a beer and a ceviche" in that order. It was served up in style. Well, the beer and the ceviche. I had to do my own shower in their plentious showers behind the restaurant.

Anyone know if this is a June thing or a summer thing or a rainy season thing?

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