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60 minutes - The Poison Tide video found

Posted by Daniel on June 26, 2010, 1:21 pm, in reply to "Re: When will it end?"
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Well, after 1 1/2 day's of posting on message boards, writing emails to 60
minutes Australia etc. I finally found a mobile phone version of The
Poison Tide video.

When you click on the link it will ask you if you want to play it or save it,
I saved it and it played with the Quick Time player. The quality is not
as good as the regular 60 minutes but its ok.

Here is a better version

Here is a You Tube of it

Truly sad, its like the earth is bleeding.

I found the link on this thread which I have been checking over and over.
Finally at 10 pm last night the link above was posted. I don't know how
long it will be before they remove this as well. If they do I have a copy
on my hard drive which I will post to my server.

The video only shows a couple of things that I have not seen elsewhere
but it has a different tone to it, perhaps that is why someone made them
take it down.

The question remains who was that someone? Why would 60 minutes go to all
the trouble of making the video, have it aired for 24 hours then let someone
pressure or tell them to take it down?
It is a question I would still like to know the answer to. It is probably
found in who owns 60 minutes. I encourage you to email them or call them
to find out the answer.

the phone number is 02 9438 3433 or

Personally I would like to see "The Poison Tide" become on of the hottest hits
on the Internet, it certainly is not that way now.

It was a stroke of luck that 60 minutes got the clearance to go where
other media were not allowed, but question(s) remain(s).

BP has a problem, does that give them the right to say what people can
and can not do, where they can and can't go?
When did causing a problem give you the power to take away the rights of others?

If a corporation can shut down a source of news, what kind of reporting has that
source been doing up till now?


This was my first real challenge to find information on the Internet,
I learned quite a bit and hope to learn more.

Viva la Internet!
Viva freedom of speech!
Power to the people.


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