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Re: True Independence

Posted by z on July 5, 2010, 10:58 am, in reply to "Re: True Independence"

Hola Smitty. I understand where you are coming from and respect your opinions regardless of whether I agree or not. As far as they go, to declare that I know what contributes to the betterment of La Manzanilla, or not, I really will not venture out on that limb. It is for much smarter than myself to determine that and for me to make such claims that I know, would be arrogant at the very least. I would imagine that if you asked 10 locals the question as to what would make their community a better place, you'd probably get 10 different answers, but I bet that many of those responses would be focused on better education, and opportunities for their children. It's doubtful that any would mention the virtual message board that Daniel has created, and which many of us contribute, I highly doubt that any would say it poses any problems for them, one way or another. It's just simply not significant in their lives. Some may say that foreigners should go away, but given that much revenue comes from that source, I doubt you'd hear that either, but who knows, I have heard such a thing mentioned by some locals I am friendly with, and I'm not certain they were joking!
As far as your concern about where the message board is heading, I take that to be saying you are not interested in any subject matter than what is specific to La Manzanilla, ie;weather, local politics;local activities; whatever might affect your 2 week visit once every year? I don't know for sure as you aren't entirely clear on this, so I can only imagine these parameters that you'd like to see placed regarding the content of the board. I've read the guidelines Daniel has posted, and it says nothing of the sort. Anyhow, like I initially shared, I do understand where you are coming from and respect your opinion, although it probably won't affect or inhibit me from posting on subjects that I am interested in, going down the road. Until there is a group consensus around what subjects specifically that we are going to post, and which ones we are supposed to steer clear from, it's a free for all, and I just have some fun with it, a means of expression, free speech ya know, which does relate to the topic of this post. Please excuse the long rant here, but I felt it important to address your concerns, and I suppose in defense of where I am coming from to some extent. Lastly Bro, I wish you and your family the best, and look forward to your annual visit next Winter.


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