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summers in La M

Posted by anne on July 16, 2010, 12:49 pm

Many of us here in La M, count the days till the end of high season like kids count the days till Xmas. Not because we want all folks to go, but because of the quality of life it brings. The peace, the quiet, the calmness. The absence of frenzy, the obsession w/ fear, the ability to imagine what life must have been like in the past here in La M, when only the fishermen and their families lived here, lived off the seas. When the beaches were full of shells because people didn't gather them all up. When all sorts of sea animals entered the bay close in because they hadn't been killed off.

And the summer also brings the rainy season, and with that, loss of luz--power. At these times, the whole village becomes surrealistically quiet and dark. The sounds of the waves become heightened, the bugs chirping. The whole town stops, rests and listens. An air of expectancy hangs. You look down on what it must have been like in past times. And not so very long ago. Stars, the moon shine in ways not possible in the winters due to lights maybe. Or maybe it's just the peace that's here. Last night when the power was out, I saw the clouds revealing in full view and then behind a partial, misty filigree, the orange crescent moon hanging without fanfare above the water, in all our stillness. It was center stage, no competition from noise or lights in the pueblo.

There's a tranquility here that never exists in the high season. The people of the pueblo going about their daily routines quietly. All people, gringo and Mexican alike, relax. It's time. It's welcome.

This song reminds me of La M in the summers. I Have a Dream. It's hope, love of life, calmness.

And the Spanish version:

And translated:

Please leave the fear mongering, country bashing mania north of the border and let us enjoy the calm days of summer. They are so precious.

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