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Time for a major change

Posted by Moderator on July 20, 2010, 12:16 am
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Time for a major change

I think my time as moderator of the message board as we know it has come to a close.

Over the years I have had many people come into the office and give positive comments
on the message board and the way it was being moderated. At least half of those people,
(and many others by private email) have asked "who is Jean?". They would then elaborate
saying that she was one poster who was constantly rude, off topic, boring
(add your negative word here). I would try and explain by saying that she just had a
really dry sense of humor, even though as moderator she was a constant thorn
in my side.

Recently someone posted looking for a rental. Jean responded by posting the website
address of one of the many rental agencies.

Edit: second time in two months she did that.

My response is here, it shows my frustration in dealing
with people who don't read the guide lines and my retribution toward a regular user who,
in my opinion intentionally violated the guidelines. I banned Jean and did a couple very direct
emails with her. After that my head I was asking myself....does she do this
just to piss me off.....just to promote her friends business....or is she really so
out of touch that she does not know what she is doing? I did not come up with a clear
answer to my own question so I unblocked her IP address. Edit: the next day.

Now we have this mini crusade asking where Jean is, saying how valuable she was to the
board etc. and even encouraging her to be more obnoxious than she was before! Suffice it
to say I don't get it, use the search feature with Jean's name in it and (with the exception
of a couple of fairly recent post) tell me where she say's anything of value to this board?
If Jean's type of post is what you want then we very clearly have completely different
goals and ideas for a message board.

So something is off, way off, and being moderator I will just assume its me not getting
something. Whatever..... I know that my patience for moderating the board is running very
thin so I have two choices. Stop moderating all together or take control of the board like
I have never taken control before. I am choosing the latter for now.

Here are the new guidelines, pretty much the same as the old ones but now even more clear.

1) For regular posters.....

If you don't live in La Manzanilla full or part time, don't vacation here on a regular basis,
or weren't born here your not welcome.
That means, for example, Mike R find another place to post. Just cause your mom has
a home here doesn't mean your a member of LM. That means Carol (who lives in Cuesta Comate)
please find another board to post on etc.

For irregular posters.....

Like Sparks and a few others who post relevant information on the
board from time to time, your comments are appreciated and welcome.

The guidelines do (or will) require a first name and initial of your last name of everyone
who post on the board. If I don't know you introduce yourself to me and the readers
of the board. If I don't know you I might ask you who you are or I might just delete
your post, no email, no warning, nothing.

Trying to keep this board related to La Manzanilla has been a long fought battle,
one I have been waging for years. I am tired of the fight, time to get real clear...
this board is set up for the members of La Manzanilla to communicate with each other...PERIOD.

2) Those who are looking for rentals or information on La Manzanilla are welcome
to ask questions. Anyone who responds with any kind of promotion of their rental or
website of rentals will be banned from the board for one month for the first offense and
permanently for any following offense. Contact the person inquiring by email only.

3) Anyone, including those who live in La Manzanilla, who post personal stuff, in essence
hijacking the readers of this board, will, on the first offense, be asked to get a Blog and
post the update in the appropriate area. After that I won't be asking you to please
get a blog I will just delete your post without comment, and if you persist block your IP
address, leaving you to figure it out.

4) There may be more guidelines later. Basic rule, don't piss off the moderator or the
people who use the board.

I know this is going to have repercussions, many will leave for other message boards or
someone may set up another one for La Manzanilla. Whatever, I am done screwing around,
let the chips fall where they may.


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