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Tena Takeover - right or wrong

Posted by esmitty on August 7, 2010, 1:52 pm

In an effort to preserve the other thread for news and information regarding the events, I thought it prudent to start a thread for opinions regarding the soundness of the takeover.

I'll start:

1) I usually side with the little guy when he is getting picked on by the big guy.

2) I usually side with the honest guy.

A case could be made that Villalobos/Rodenas is the honest guy in this tragedy. If they own the ground, and the ejido has been subletting/reselling it under a false claim, then I have no choice but to support the action.

The heart of the matter, for me, is whether the "squatters" have a bonafide claim to that ground, or whether they have simply been opportunistically using it while the owners were looking the other way. (Put the shoe on your foot: How would you deal with uninvited guests claiming your home/property by virtue of occupancy?)



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