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Re: Denounce privatization of Tenacatita Bay

Posted by John Frost on August 15, 2010, 12:07 pm, in reply to "Denounce privatization of Tenacatita Bay"

Here is some information to let you know the kind of power we are dealing with. Villalobos, is not just a real estate company. Among other things he is the current president of" border=0>, an impressive organization with a lot of clout. I imagine he has enough of a salary to guard the caseta as long as he wants. To give you an idea of how important this building is, they are holding next year's - - there.

The - might be a good place for a sit in if it comes to that. It is constantly booked for large events. - is an excellent article to read if you haven't. It is in English and talks about "Jose Maria Andres Villalobos, a successful and influential businessman and realtor, and former president of the Guadalajara Chamber of Commerce and current president of Expo Guadalajara." - is an interesting article written in december of 2006 where they are grilling politicians about why they gave Villalobos beach concessions when he wasn't paying any taxes/ "I do not recall." is what they keep on saying.

In an August 2006 article with - - Villalobos talks about his security company which specializes in satellite tracking. He was president of the Guadalajara chamber of commerce and likes classic cars. He has some. One of his favorites is a 65' Mustang. And my favorite quote:

"Deja claro que su imagen ideal del hombre de negocios no es aquella donde había distanciamiento entre los empresarios y la clase trabajadora. Yo ahora veo coincidencias con el sector obrero, estoy consciente que por el bien del país debemos compartir muchas cosas, es fundamental el recurso humano, debemos trabajar de la mano."

"The ideal business man is not someone with a lot of space between himself and the working class. I see similarities with the working class and I am conscious that for the good of the country we must share many things, it is a fundamental human resource. We need to work hand in hand."

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