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Re: Questions on Tenacatita

Posted by D on August 22, 2010, 12:32 am, in reply to "Re: Questions on Tenacatita"

First I want to point out that user names are not accepted on this message board,
you either have the wuevos to take a position, to make a statement or you don't.

But, to respond one by one,

" actually think the answer to Mexican law, at this point in a very convoluted
dispute, can be answered on a gringo forum?"

I have not gone through Dobie's response fully. It seems Dobie has done quite a
bit of work on the response. I do wish there were links to verify the information.
It is a very convoluted dispute, one I have done some work on and plan to do more on.
I don't know if it can be answered here and this is not just a Gringo forum.
I just know that this is the medium I (and others) have at our disposal
so that is what we work with. To sum it up the answer to your question is yes,
I do think that somehow this will at least lead in a positive direction.

"in all due respects, the questions might be: what happens next here?"

Even without due respects that is a good question. There are several parts
to this situation and each group should focus on the part that effects them most.

"who might get it happening? on this forum?"

Possibly both, or even more than that.

"if it doesn't fit our sensibilities of truth or justice,...should we do something;"

If something does not fit ones sensibilities of truth and justice then one may
or may not do something, and it probably does not serve anyone to judge those
who do or don't do. Personally I want to at least try and do something and by
the amount of information flowing and protest happening it seems many others
share that opinion.

"should we be upset; should we not do anything?"

I think it is of the utmost importance to at least consider that the people who
are trying to get this land for the big development are doing so from a
completely calm mindset. They simply look at the situation and try to make certain
moves which will produce the desired result. If resistance comes up and destroys
their plans they simply say "we tried" and that is the end of it.
If we (the opposition) come into the fray with retribution born from anger we
diminish our effectiveness. Life goes on either way and we should live each
day to its fullest. No matter if we spend the entire day or only part of
it in resistance to this project, hopefully we are still living and appreciating
that day of our lives.

"i'm very curious...after the emotional storm concerning the curiosity of the
situation fades...what could be the ex-pat's position on what has happened..."

Its not just a curiosity for those who have lost property or their livelihood,
and its not just an expats position that matters. This is also very big for the
common people of Mexico, from a standpoint of both beach access and a validity
of titles. From the Mexican's position I see both of those as valid foundations
which call for a serious wake up to the corporate influence which is effecting
the common person not only in Mexico but on a global scale.

From the expat position I would like to see the focus on the validity of titles,
using the slogan of "titled land is titled land" or "confidence leads to investment".

You are right that this is a "very convoluted dispute". But when situations are
convoluted titles should not be issued. If someone bribed their way to title
then the person or office who issued the titles should be dealt with. If the persons
seeking to build the hotel has bribed someone into supporting their position
then that branch of government should be dealt with. As expats we have a voice,
and hopefully that voice is expressing, in unison, that we need confidence in the
system in order to keep the investment dollars flowing.

"our opinions are well founded...and, alas...useless here"

If posting furiously is all one does then I would have to agree with you.
But I for one (and I am not alone by any means) believe that communication is
only the fist step, one that leads to some sort of action. We, the common people
are very much asleep. We have either chosen consciously, unconsciously or
somehow been hypnotized into a state of acceptance of conditions which
are in complete opposition to that of which we are capable. The world of abundance,
cooperation and peaceful coexistence is not even on the horizon, as if it
never existed. Greed and scarcity are the norm, attack defense, defense attack
are the rule of the day. It is not hard for anyone with a little foresight
to see where that road leads, straight to the biblical description of hell.

To put this into the context of Tenacatita, let's say the developers win, they build
the big fancy hotel. Does that mean the people who come to use that facility do
not want any connection with the people of Mexico? If they don't like Mexican's
then perhaps they should vacation in another country. The people of Mexico
have a constitutional right to use that beach, they are beautiful loving generous
people and it would probably be good for those who think otherwise to be in very
close contact with them for awhile. They just may learn that the private controlled
environment they thought was so great paled in comparison to sharing the planet,
and in that sharing they found much much more than they ever wold have otherwise.


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