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Tenacatita Federal Zone rights revoked!

Posted by deanna on September 18, 2010, 5:14 pm

This is such good news it seems like it deserves it's own posting. Below is a translation of the article referred to on the Tenacatita links site below, from Spark's forum (hope this isn't a no-no):

The concession for the right of the federal zone that Rodenas Inmobiliaria SA de CV hadfor the use of the beach in Tenacatita, in the municipality of La Huerta, was overruled by a federal authority, which represents a hope for those affected by the eviction of the federal zone, and for all Mexicans, that Tenacatita will again be a public beach.
Upon his return from Mexico City, the Mayor of La Huerta, Dr. Carlos Román Ramírez Núñez, accompanied by other municipal officials, went to the town's Rebalsito to inform residents of the results of their efforts.
First Edil said that this is an accomplishment achieved through the support of Members Abraham Gonzalez and Ramon Guerrero, with whom he was in Mexico City.
The Municipal Director of the Legal Department, Ivan Enrique Vázquez Zárate, told the residents that "the revocation is already a fact, something we thought it would take more time, but here it is now," showing official documents.
One of the main reasons for the revocation of the concession is that the real estate taxes are not paid, he explained, because for 10 years they did not pay royalties.
City officials made it clear that they will not cease to continue seeking the reopening of Tenacatita beach, which remains closed.
Recall that the Real Estate Rodenas SA de CV has, since 1992, had a concession on the whole beach in Tenacatita, a concession that he was able to obtain pointing out that there was no occupation, although many families since the early 60's held the beach.
Upon obtaining the award at the end of 1992, the estate sought the eviction from the federal zone on the grounds of an eviction in 42 acres of land called "Divisadero," like in 2000, attempts had no success because the official then in charge of the federal zone, Raul Guillermo Rosales Senday, prevented the evacuation of the beach, which the company finally succeeded in getting with the support of the State Government last August 4, the day when the beach was closed and guarded by state police.


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