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Lorena Sahagun

Posted by D on September 27, 2010, 5:24 pm, in reply to "TO ADD A TENACATITA LINK CLICK HERE - SEPTEMBER"

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Lorena Sahagun in accordance because the complaints been filed with the Ministry Agent Public Huerta by damage to property, assault and what is the eviction staff Court joint Cihuatlán - backed police state and armed men from the area federal Tenacatita last 04...August, about a hundred concerned gained the street Cihuatlán, and demonstrated against the holder of the Mixed Court.
Also appear unhappy because in recent days, police City of La Huerta, at the request of those concerned, stopped a who traded some of the belongings of evicted, and now for the judge's decision is released.

It is the "case Tenacatita, the eviction of federal maritime land of beaches promoted area Costalegre, and which was closed to the public, under the pretext of the execution of a diligence on a property adjoining called "Divisadero" the past 04 August; case in which, despite complaints from those were directly affected, "not walking", not even sure the holder of the Court Joint, has heard the complaints.
The last straw, said the affected shortly before the march, is that bygone days a person was caught when transferred and was sell some mattresses and various belongings that were immediately identified as their own some concerned and stopped by municipal police, was made available to the Ministry Agent Public but is now free.

The dissent

"We come to speak out against the judge and ask him if he can not be remove from office," said a COURIER MANZANILLO Lorena Sahagun, a those affected by the eviction.
Minutes before the event, said that until Friday, no have had no response from the judge to their demands.
"He stopped a person who took our belongings and him let because that person works with Rodenas," said Lorena Sahagun, who noted that much of the mattresses and the detainee wanted to sell, were his property and were at home, in the beach Tenacatita.

Another voice said they came to demand justice, "the judge here did not have Why have given assurances to the thieves, if they have guarantees
we who are citizens and pay taxes, then what can we expect?" "We believe that both the judge and the people who were evicted are working with Rodenas and that is organized crime, are a band criminals."

Lilia Rodriguez, one of the representatives of the homeless found that being a matter of zone federal maritime, the judge does not should leave the beach.
"We want to know why he acts so, if we do not did nothing," he says.

During eviction, Lilia Rodriguez was denied access to the beach on 04 August (COURIER MANZANILLO August 5, 2010), despite their two daughters, minors, were on the beach, watching the comings and come from the police and armed people and how people were "Invited" to leave their farms and homes.

"The court itself is sold ... "

Upset and showing signs with messages addressed to Judge Cihuatlán walked garden municipal to the nearby offices Court, past the image of Benito Juarez, the hero remembered for his phrase "the rights of others is peace."

Banners showing messages to the judge :

"I would better serve Rodenas SA lawyer that we as a judge"

"Until when will we continue supporting your outrage?"

"Tenacatita not sold, Judge Cihuatlán yes"

"We do case because Rodenas even the bodyguards you pay"

"You judge, apparently to sleep quietly, to us deprived of a roof to sleep"

"With injustice and abuses celebrate the bicentennial"

"Show us the order to vacate Tenacatita"

"Always looking for a scapegoat, now we are going to say it was the Secretary in charge of everything"

"We call attention to our complaints"

"Out Mr. José Reyes Victoriano González, go to paramilitary Villalobos"

"We demand the resignation of Judge Cihuatlán because it exceeded the eviction of Tenacatita"

"Not your mother I cared as much as you care Villalobos"

"For us citizens No Justice for wealthy investors"

"Do we need another revolution to have justice?"

and others.

In silence they reached the entrance of the building where the offices Mixed Court, and immediately established a commission to which was attended by the judge of Cihuatlán, José Reyes Victoriano González.

The audience did not wait, I received in his office, as well as representatives of the media.
There, evasively said have not gotten complaints from affected and that address the Deputy Public ; denied knowledge of demolitions, theft property, and even said not save any file in the order he issued a Judge Autlán Navarro, also refused to respond to the challenge on the order of eviction from the zone federal maritime, the presence of state police and armed men.

The dialogue became prickly by protesters in some moments , and most they accomplished was to tell them that redirect the Prosecutor or the judge Autlán even refused have arrived by boat on August 4 at the beach Tenacatita, when he had begun the evacuation of the beach and despite Some of the affected claims to have identified.
Meanwhile, outside in the corridors, guards, reportedly police a private company that holds elements together with police state in the truncated entrance to the aforementioned beach, retired to give way to the municipal police, who cared not alter the order, or in the office of the Judge, nor in the corridors of the building where expected the number of protesters to show their banners.

Then the audience gathered with other protesters and representative of the victims before the media, the ex - councilman and community leader Salvador Magaña

Martínez, reported the matter and said will not cease Paluch to defend the rights not only of evacuees, but all Mexicans, as required by law, to access the beach.
Minutes after returning to shore demonstrators, watched by policemen and the same director of Safety Public Cihuatlán, Matías Jiménez Villareal, who intervened in the place look closely at the demonstrators.


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