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Re: Daniel Hallas 60th Birthday

Posted by D on October 21, 2010, 2:00 am, in reply to "Daniel Hallas 60th Birthday"
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Well it is 1 am, I have been sickty for a day and an hour and the last guest just left.
I know I should wait to respond until tomorrow cause every time I respond when I am drunk
I read it the next morning and blush (sometimes a tinge of regret)
But #### that, I'll go for it.

Overwhelming seems to be the first word that comes to mind. Muy Amable the second.
Thanks for all the B day wishes and condolences, really kind.

Thanks Linda, and Rob, Jill and Luke.
A wonderful evening all the way around, quite memorable. Thanks to Marcia, great
finger food.. pun intended.

Congrats to Bruno and Alicia, thanks for letting us party with you.

Not to diminish any of the wonderful wishes and condolences...but a couple of quotable's
from the post

"please do not mix gasoline and Corralejo... It tastes very badly!"

Uh, thanks Arturo, I will do my best to remember that.

"We're on our way to Vietnam"

I want to go there, to see where I was in 69-71 and to look up some friends I made there.

"keep those thoughts that you shared about Sophie for yourself"

Yeah, that one is right on, ain't that what it is all about. Teaching what we want to learn.
It is a strange set of words but that is the idea.

"sandy sunset"

neat combination of words.

And the Google translation of Mokita's post. Mokita and Google, wow, what a
combination. Actually it seems like Google is trying to keep up with Mokita. Good
luck on that Google

Happy birthday Daniel!
Accept what siguinte as a gift.

Sand with sea water and the warm sun in the sky sitting on the changing jungle.

Vendita solitude of the beach in the afternoon when the sun melts rojovivo on the palms and sand.

The cool mornings with the sky full of bright stars and the crowing of cocks. The sound of the waves that echo the beating of your heart.

Breathing the air that enters your body and alter your consciousness and your I protect the Mayan hammock.

Fill your soul with the warmth of God and enjoys good tequila sweet and thinks you live in the greatest gift that mother earth could you give.

Grasias for your presence in my beloved town.


"I think it's time to head back home!!!! "

Yup, it is and see you all soon.

"we'll sing one for you when we come back in early November"

smile here.

"And we'll have one to celebrate ourselves tonight"

Yee haw, felt that contact high!

"with a blue bottle offering."

Nice terminology!

"at sixty we discover they haven't been thinking about us at all"

So true, and good news it is!

Now listening to the silence and the gentle waves. Luke asleep on the couch
and another day in La Manzanilla begins. How good can you stand it?
Really ####ing good!

Lv and thanks,



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