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Dogs Poisonings

Posted by Norma on October 21, 2010, 1:04 pm

I too am sorry about Coco-Canella, Leon and Jolanda. Another well loved Mexican dog, belonging to Fidel, was poisoned at the same time as your dog and Daniel's two mascotas. It reminds me of when my dog, Camilo, was poisoned. He was the only survivor (6 others died, one of whom was in their own yard!)
in the neighbourhood of the Arroyo. Hea was lucky to survive as Cisco's Amigos was happening then. He had been poisoned with meat (tripe). I think the person who killed them wanted to get rid of the barking dogs at night. A lot of people are afraid of dogs. In this case since most of the deaths have been on the beach, I would surmise that it is someone who frequents the beach who doesn't like the dogs and as Tim suggested it could be as simple as someone wants to get rid of the doggie doo doo sources.
I try to pick up after my dogs. It is healthier for humans. Maybe we need a designated drop container for dog litter and bags available like dog parks have.
Just trying to find solutions, all you folks who don't like picking it up. Another idea is to have each restaurant pay someone to do doo doo patrol. I am interested in working with kids on animal health issues, to work on solutions. This is definitely at the top of the list!

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