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yesterday's swim

Posted by anne on February 17, 2011, 1:14 pm

Well, yesterday was a perfect example of how the Mar is a deceiver. The surface was calm, smooth. I started out from Boca Restaurant to go to the fish farm. After an hour swimming, I'd been pushed, shoved and sent every way but in the direction I wanted to go. I gave up. THEN, I turned to come back in. Couldn't. Not on your life (mine). I was out a good little ways. I tried every stroke known or remotely known to no avail. I simply couldn't get back in.

I realized that with the extreme currents I'd faced going out and now these as I tried to return, that there were serious 'things' going on under the calm surface.

I pondered my options. Literally no swim stroke or sideways swim out of the undertow (the usual answer) was working. I realized you can't fight the currents--you have to go with them.

Sooo, I gave up. I let the water take me where it wanted. I did nothing. Nothing. I began to float on my stomach, holding my head up to see where I was going. That's all. Kept my legs totally still and only once in a while did a slow breast stroke action w/ my arms, more to keep oriented than for anything else. I was taken waaaay up the coast.

I arrived safe, but very tired up the beach north a ways. It was great. The water temp a 'warm' 75.4F.

Never never panic. You don't have to exit the water at the same place you entered it. And FLOAT...

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