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Posted by Judy Dykstra-Brown on March 16, 2011, 6:28 am, in reply to "Scorpions"

Here is advice on scorpions I found on the internet from Tiredandretired on the lonely Planet travel forum:

"I have 7 or 8 ultrasonic repellers installed now, and we have virtually no mice or scorpions any more. I buy them at Wal-mart or Aurrera, they are labeled Steren Repeltronic, and they have much, much more power than those you can find in Home Depot, etc., in the USA.
You will encounter people who will tell you ultrasonics do not work. If you do, ask them one question. "Have you tried it?" Well, I have. I can't say they will work in all cases, but for us, they do. A while back, a cousin came for something, and I sat down and pulled my shoes on without checking. He was shocked, but we just don't have them any more.

I do want to warn you the claims of area covered by these devices is pure fantasy. Our steren would have you believe two would protect our whole house, 25,000 cubic feet. We have 7 or 8, one in every room and at the entrances. As we added them, the quantity of invaders dropped.

Now, the first aid for scorpion stings. I first learned about this for bee stings as a Boy Scout leader. Our troop had some little capsules in the first aid kit, and they told me it was meat tenderizer. With a bunch of boys running around, it didn't take long to prove the stuff works, if you get it on quickly after the sting.

When I got stung by that scorpion, I put on the tenderizer, it's called Ablandador de Carne, by McCormick. Be careful to read carefully, because they use the same bottle and label design for garlic salt and seasoned salt in small stores. It will list the ingredient, Papaina, which I think is the active ingredient. It looks like salt, and when you get stung, make a paste of it with water, spit if you are desperate, and put it on the bite, ASAP!!! Keep it on there, keep adding it as it dries."

Hope this helps, Rick. There are also two powder packets you can buy at most hardware stores, at least in our area. My mind has gone on vacation along with the rest of me, and I can't remember their names. One starts with "D" and the other with "B." I can't find them mentioned on the internet. You mix the packet with 2 liters of water and spray outside around doors and windows. Scorpions either stay away or are weakened by it so they don't sting. I've used this spray for 10 years and it hasn't affected my dog or cats. I avoid breathing the spray, however.

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