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Immigration in Alabama

Posted by Rick (Lyle's Dad) on October 20, 2011, 7:17 pm

Seems like the folks in Alabama are on to something?!?!?! They finally figured out how lazy they really are. After passing the toughest anti-immigrant law in the country, here is what they found out on one guys tomatoe farm in a quote from MSNBC

A crew of four Hispanics can earn about $150 each by picking 250-300 boxes of tomatoes in a day, said Jerry Spencer, of Grow Alabama, which purchases and sells locally owned produce. A crew of 25 Americans recently picked 200 boxes giving them each $24 for the day.

So what I would like to know is this. Did the good ole 'Merican crew even show up the next day?

You just got to wonder. Good to see that the folks in Alabama, and elsewhere, are worring about the tough problems, the real issues, the cutting edge stuff. If the republicans can just scare 'em a little more and agitate them a bit more, perhaps they can work on getting school segregation back. As opposed to wondering how they're going to pay for health care, lower their blood pressure, quit smoking, eat better, live longer, you know the stuff that is not just as important as running some Mexicans off of a tomatoe field or keeping gay folks from getting married.

I'll get off my soap box. Defense rests.


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