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Re: couple more questions

Posted by Lois Lane on October 21, 2011, 10:09 am, in reply to "couple more questions"

No good deed goes unpunished! To answer your additional questions, Daniel:

I don't recall seeing any police or military on the ZLO entrance road, just lots of road-maintenance trucks lining the damaged section and guys in hard hats . Some of them scowled as we passed, but no one tried to stop us.

We went a little faster over the parts of the road with water gushing underneath, but we were traveling at a cautious speed so as not to hit any of the hard-hatted guys crossing the road. We drove through no standing water, although it was flowing just below the level of the remaining roadbed on both sides. Guardrails are gone, as are berms and chunks of road in some places.

A blond on a mission with Lois Lane riding shotgun were not concerned with safety at the time. Besides, all those other trucks and workers were out there, so it must have been sorta safe. The Alaska representative with whom we spoke did tell us that the entrance road was "muy peligrosa", but by then it was too late.

The terminal, parking lot and runways showed no sign of damage, except for some of the exterior roof tiles having been blown away. Some taxis were waiting outside. No one was staffing the Alaska or Continental counters (we spoke with someone from the office upstairs), and there were no passengers inside.

I have pix, but I'm on an old, borrowed desk-top computer with no discernible photo program attached. Any suggestions?

For all this, we're still back to square one regarding the status of tomorrow's Alaska flight. Debbie left a message for a call-back when she tried to get through to the airport last evening for results of the confab. So far, no one's returned her call. She checked with the Seattle office, and they still know nothing. She said she'd try again this morning.

That's still my story, and I'm sticking to it!

Re: Alaska's responsibility to its customers. I think that while landing and taking off are the airline's primary duty, they also would be solicitous of their passengers' safety and well being upon arrival at their destination. If they couldn't get out of the airport once they got there, Alaska wouldn't drop them off and strand them. At least that's how it should be.

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