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Re: Hurricane Season

Posted by Bret B on October 29, 2011, 6:38 pm, in reply to "Re: Hurricane Season"

I couldn't find a graph of storm frequency vs. date for the Eastern Pacific storms.

However, when I looked more closely at the track data for the 1959 hurricane, I discovered that they show it landed DIRECTLY on La Manzanilla, even though the articles covered mainly Manzanillo damage.

In the following link, in the list of track data positions, at date/time 1959-10-27 06:00, the center was at lattitude 19.3, longitude -104.8. That's us! And the winds were listed at 140 or 120 knots (depending on which data source). That's 161 or 138 mph!

Has anyone heard any stories from the locals here about what it was like here in La Manzanilla during this hurricane?

I got the data from:

This cool tool also allowed me to find ALL the historical storms that have passed near us since at least the 1950s. Here's my list of storms passing within 10 miles of La Manzanilla (only 9 of the 998 storms listed in the E. Pac. came this close to us):

1959-10-27: Unnamed hurricane, 138-161 mph at landfall. (Probaly a big uncertainty in these tracks from pre-satellite days!)
1966-10-17: Maggie, tropical storm.
1968-06-22: Annette, tropical storm.
1971-08-31: Lily, Cat 1 at landfall. (I've heard stories about this one.)
1987-07-25: Eugene, Cat 1.
1993-07-07: Calvin, Cat 2. (Was anyone here for this one?)
1996-07-01: Boris, tropical depression.
1996-10-03: Hernan, Cat 1. (How about this one?)
2011-06-21: Beatriz, Cat 1. (This one supposedly passed almost over us blowing at 90 mph, but we felt no wind and got almost no rain the night it "hit" us. This made me start carrying a big grain of salt whenever reading these hurricane tracks!)

We definitely are out of the traffic pattern for the vast majority of hurricanes, luckily.

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