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Posted by D on November 1, 2011, 8:29 am

Any good Halloween stories out there?

I had some friends come by who sat out front of the office and gave candy
to the trick or treater's. There were lots of them and 98% of them had
cute costumes on, the candy lasted about 1/2 hour, it was very enjoyable.

There were also some older kids running around having egg fights and
I assume egging places which were not giving out candy. I heard some eggs
hit the front of the office and went out to see what was happening.
I couldn't tell if the eggs were just missed throws at other kids or directed
at the office. There were a group of kids (one wearing a black mask
like you see the military wear) by the Malicon (path to the beach) by
Loka Lara's. I approached them and started to say that I had a problem
with eggs on the front of my office i.e. who was going to clean it up.
They ran to the beach and one or two of them said "#### you". I of course
echoed their sentiments back to them with an added expletive.
I was standing around talking to people when another egg hit the rental
next door. I asked the kids who threw it who was going to clean that up?
They ran off. I found out a bit later they were only throwing back at
kids who threw at them from that house. I got some water and cleaned
up the doors some. Out back there was a kid with a bag with about 30 eggs
in it, I mentioned that the property manager of the place next door did
not really need more work, he said they were taking the egg fight
elsewhere, away from town.

Kids will be kids, eggs will be thrown but it does not mean it
has to be done with impunity. Kids need limits set and if no one
says anything it will only escalate to the point someone or everyone
does put a limit on it. If there is going to be an egg fight in town
I want my own bag of eggs and would expect the other participants
to assist in the clean up when the egg fight is over.


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