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Re: Anonymous cancels threat

Posted by D on November 3, 2011, 10:55 am, in reply to "Re: Anonymous cancels threat"
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Hi Don,

There is a reason for Stratfor requiring a subscription, they
need to make money from their work. It is not legal nor ethical to copy
paste content, one may quote parts by fair use or link to the website.

The Cartels would be hard pressed to scan blogs looking for what you
call dissent. Dissent is rampant, just Google something like
"Anonymous send a warning to drug cartel" and you will get over 2 million hits.
The Cartels are looking for people reporting, Blogging on their actions,
like where deals are going down, or where lookouts are posted.
It was that type of activity that got the social media posters (Blogger's) killed.

I do find this all very interesting, mostly from a stand point of how big
a role the Internet is playing in politics, learning, communication
on a global level. Big changes are happening due to communication and you
can rest assure that governments all over the world are using every trick in
the book to limit the Internet as much as possible. If the Internet
were to become an effective method of fighting a specific group
other than governments, like a corporation, or a cartel then it would
certainly be a big plus for those who are trying to keep the Internet
free and Open. Imagine if thousands of persons started blogging
every scrap of information about a specific group to the Internet.....
it would be and is unstoppable.

I could go on and on about what attempts are being made to try and control
the Internet but that is not really relevant to this discussion. So
I will sum up my feelings by saying if it were to come down to a choice
between copyright and freedom of speech I would go for freedom of speech,
which has to be protected by the people of the world as much or
more than the boarders of a country.

If I were outside of time with the ability to choose a time period to
be born I would choose somewhere right around 1950 to 1960. The changes
we have seen in our lives and the changes we continue to see are
matched by no other point in history, and its all just a click away.

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