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Posted by Don Binkley on November 4, 2011, 11:19 am, in reply to "Re: Google research"

If you go to check the video at about 19:30 minutes, you will find out the even bigger problem with those Mexican people living in the mountains of the state of Guerrero. There is this huge mining company: Hoschchild Mining LTD based in Britain that has been raping the land of Peru for gold and silver and they want the people out of the region so they can begin strip mining operations as they are doing now in Chihuahua and really they are very proud of the gold and silver that they've plundered. Just go to their website.

The local people are totally against this because for one cyanide is used to process precious metals and it gets into the water system. The gov't. army are hell bent to persecute the locals in Guerrero and drive them out...they've already killed the leader of the resistance movement. I wonder who gets the bribes from the British and the Canadians to mine in these areas since the Mexican constitution forbids any foreign business from mining in Mexico/

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