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Posted by D on November 5, 2011, 6:22 am, in reply to "Re: Google research"
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Hi Smitty,

Here is a good TED talk on what is happening

Supposedly you can use DuckDuckGo and get un filtered search results

Note: Using DuckDuckGo the message board shows up in position
#33 in the test which started this thread, so my and (some) others search results
are not what the rest of the world sees.

Here is a reddit discussion on this subject -

careful with, it is very addicting, especially if you learn
to go to sub reddits which are pertinent to your interest interest here)
like dogs for example

The sub reddit for Mexico is getting better as people learn about Reddit

I use a translator for some of it

And yes, I just discovered that there is a sub reddit for La Manzanilla but no one uses it.
A good place to post if you don't want people to know who you are....but no one
will see it

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