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Re: Gringas Relocating to Mexico

Posted by D on April 29, 2012, 9:21 pm, in reply to "Re: Gringas Relocating to Mexico"

It is true that women have been exploited and repressed throughout history.
That has been changing in places like the United States. It is also true that
males have also been exploited and repressed, just not on the same level.
Oppressors oppress.

Females have bad experiences with males and develop a contempt for males.
Males have bad experiences and develop a contempt for females, both divide into
groups for shelter, yet neither finds safety or shelter because it is not a
case of males or females being bad as a group, it is hurt persons hurting people.

Truth is you can't tell anything about a person by their sex, height, beauty or
race. Yet our society constantly heaps praises, friendship and positions of
power on the beautiful, the tall, the thin, as if we could tell the talent,
heart or mindset of a person by their appearance. Those who are ugly are cast
as criminals in the movies. They have been shunned by society since
they were old enough to understand the word ugly, so much and so often that
they begin to believe it themselves, it becomes reflected in their self esteem
and many fall into the mold set for them. It is society which binds them as
it is society looks for whatever measly scraps it can find to bolster our
self worth and gain the acceptance of our piers at any cost. We end up buying
stuff we don't need and being other than who we really are to please people
we don't even like.

It could be seen as normal for those repressed for so long to go past equal
in their liberation, but the goal should be equality, not a change in
who is oppressed, excluded or judged. Recognizing we have been programmed to
see differences, seek shelter in groups and understanding the purpose
it serves will put our foot on the path of true liberation, for everyone.

tldr; What you look for you find. Emphasize similarities vs exploit differences.

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