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Re: child abuse laws?

Posted by Camila Rutherford on May 29, 2012, 7:04 pm, in reply to "Re: child abuse laws?"

in my opinion...I think that one of the reasons we think the system is broken for helping these victims is because people still rather go to the priest? or teachers?... there are institutions in charge of this sort of stuff like DIF in La Huerta you can make a denuncia (phone # online) and I would hope, you could expect someone on it right away!!!

I have a couple friends who have made reports for child abuse before in town as it is a common practice of "discipline" it is less accepted by modern parents now... (I will ask them about it...)

DIF will have a social worker take over the case and set up routine visits with the whole family etc etc, if you still don't feel comfortable dealing with this yourself ask a Mexican neighbor to help you make the denuncia.

At least once DIF is notified even if they don't do much, next time you hear that going on you can feel more comfortable calling the police since there is a preexisting complaint they are most likely to take action against the person doing this...

good luck ; /


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