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dog crate regulations

Posted by Linda Mandala on June 7, 2012, 8:00 pm

With the new rules for Mexico NO ANIMALS (including emotional therapy dogs) except seeing eye dogs will be allowed inside the cabin of ANY plane flying into or out of Mexico. This has caused a big scramble for those of us who thought we were taking our friends with us inside the cabin. It seems that finding a cage to meet the new rules is very difficult here, most of them that have the right specs still have the plastic locking screw things to attach top to bottom, but the new requirements for Alaska specify SCREW AND NUT TYPE fasteners, and nothing that slides, twists or clips shut.
SO...I am wondering if anyone has an old cage they are not using, or ANY cage they are not using that actually has these older type nut and bolt type closing screws because I have a perfectly good cage I can use but it has the wrong type of screws. I hope to borrow or buy or use or whatever, SCREWS AND NUTS from someone until I can find more in Canada or US to replace these plastic ones I have. I would be careful not to lose them, or would replace them if anyone has any they would be willing to let me us
ALSO, because I now need TWO CAGES for underneath the plane, and I have only one,(with the wrong type of screws) I would also like to borrow one, or buy one (used) for my other dog (medium,small size, but not really small)Obviously it would also need the correct type of nut and bolt type closing.

CAN ANYONE HELP ME OUT WITH THIS?? I am leaving on the 23rd. Thanks for any help.

Linda Mandala

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