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Animal Travel to/from Mexico

Posted by Carol de Cuastecomates on June 10, 2012, 5:57 pm

From friends in Manzanillo:

This is an important message for those of you who transport in-cabin animals into and out of Mexico.

Apparently on May 31st a ban on pets in the cabin of airlines, both foreign and domestic, into and out of Mexico went into effect with no notification to travelers. Bonnie Rose went to the airport on June 1st with her beloved cat, Martina, in a carrier to put under her seat. She was told at check in that Martina would not be allowed into the cabin and she would need a proper carrier to put Martina into the baggage hold. Rules are Rules. According to Bonnie, the Alaska agent was very nice and offered to take Martina back to her Las Brisas condo. The only other alternative was for Bonnie to delay flying home, find a proper cage and then be re-booked on another Alaska flight.

Hopefully this will change back, as it affects many people. The web site for those who are interested and want to sign a petition to repeal this ban is below. Please sign the petition ASAP. In the meantime, we need to find a home for Martina who was not allowed to fly home and is now living alone in Bonnie's condo. She is box trained, an inside cat, and very nice. She will make a great companion for someone. Thankfully, Martina is being fed by the condominium manager and checked on periodically but Martina would like some companionship as she is use to having someone around almost 24/7. Attached is a picture of Martina. If you are interested in Martina, contact Bonnie at and/or Candy at or 314-334-2712 or cell 044-314-1030406
Another item of interest - When you are getting a letter of health from a Mexican Vet for travel, the new rules are the Vet needs three days between examining the animal and writing the letter.

Comment from Elaine - I have traveled on airlines with pets under the front seat many times and have never heard a sound from them. If fact my flight from Houston to Milwaukee in April had four small cocker spaniels aboard. I didn't even know they were there until I landed in Milwaukee. Now small children on my flights are another topic. I just may sign the petition.

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