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Posted by Bret B on June 13, 2012, 11:42 am, in reply to "Re: rain rain"

Heat index is a combination of the temperature (always measured in the shade of course) and the relative humidity. These two readings need to be taken at the same time (in other words don't combine the maximum RH which normally happens in the early morning with the maximum temperature which normally happens in the afternoon.)

Heat index attempts to give you more of an idea what the conditions feel like, than does the temperature alone. Wikipedia has a good write-up:

Actually, according to their look-up table, yesterday's HI was closer to 114F. (You have to interpolate between the 92F and 94F temperature columns to find our 93.2F, and also between the 65% and 70% RH rows to find our 67%.) Or use that big formula if you want .

How about that world record heat index on the coast of Saudi Arabia back in 2003: 172F !! Count your blessings!

And keep in mind that my maximum temperature readings are probably higher than other locations in La Manzanilla. Our back yard gets very little breeze since it is mostly surrounded by 2-story apartments. So the heat builds up more than at a breezier spot like Daniel's, or a shadier spot like Stephanie's. You can take my max readings as a kind of worst-case for the town....


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