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June weather stats

Posted by Bret B on July 8, 2012, 12:54 pm

Here are the belated statistics for June (sorry for the delay):

Total for month: 13.42"/341mm
Rainiest day: 4.18"/106mm on 6/21
Total from Invest 95E (presumably): 12.2"/311mm, 6/16-6/22
YTD total (thru 6/30): 17.12"/435mm

Highest: 93.9F/34.4C on 6/15
Lowest: 71.5F/21.9C on 6/9
Avg daily maximum: 89.2F/31.8C
Avg daily minimum: 77.8F/25.4C

Highest: 89% on 6/23
Lowest: 56% on 6/9, 6/13
Avg daily maximum: 82.2%
Avg daily minimum: 66.4%

Heat index: (approximate)
Highest: 112F/44.4C on 6/15
Avg daily maximum: (under construction)

(1) This was the wettest June since record-keeping began in 2004 (previous record was 5.52"/140mm in 2009, avg June rainfall 2004-2011 is 2.47"/63mm.)
(2) The 89.2F/31.8C was the highest Avg Daily Max Temp for June since 2004. June 2004 was 0.8F higher at 90F, but included only 5 days of data since it was the beginning of Deanna & Darwin's record-keeping. Keep in mind that the temperature readings took a step up when the measuring location moved from Deanna & Darwin's apartments up in the breezes above the church, down to my un-breezy and warmer backyard in the flats near the Jardin. Could be a 2-4 degree F difference on hot days(??) Oh well, that's why it so hard to keep super-consistent temperature records over time. That's one of the many things that proponents and opponents of global warming argue about.

However you slice it, it was definitely a warm June, with an unusual week of rain from a storm system that never even got a name.

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