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homenaje a un amigo que se fue

Posted by mokita on July 15, 2012, 12:09 am

Siting on the sand waiting for the sunset that marks the end of the day.

That was the day when I met Moises,with his "acid" figure and carrying rum under his arm. In his traveler mind full of tangled memories like a fisherman's net in the middle of a storm.

German from birth and a Mexican soul always regretting not knowing mother Manzanilla till the sunset of his days but grateful to find it.

Give up soul and body knowing that he was not visiting, he knew that there is no remedy for the truth.

Never saw him cry and I knew there where a few reasons for that.

He exchange his last days form a moment of pure joy and drank his life in one drink with anguish.

And one day he ascended to heaven from the middle of the jungle.

He was find naked in a clear of the forest laying on the ground with one hand on his hearth and the other one grabbing his genitals and on his face a great smile.

God bless you my amigo rest in peace in your beloved manzanilla.



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